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Cyber Security Services

Security for Hackers, Viruses, Exploitation attempts, Malicious attacks and Human error.

Regrettably, this is today’s cyber landscape and no business is exempt from these threats. Sixty percent of companies have experienced cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks, phishing and social engineering attacks*. The cyber threat is constant and ever-evolving, requiring 24/7/365 vigilance. It sounds ominous; however, with the proper cybersecurity solution in place, you can get sleep at night knowing your business is being monitored and protected around the clock by experts—TeamLogic IT. Peace-of-mind is within your grasp with our Cybersecurity Essentials or Cybersecurity Services.

Cyber-Proofing Your Tampa Business

TeamLogic IT provides comprehensive cybersecurity services to protect your business. To effectively define and support your cybersecurity needs, we start our process with a comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment.

The Cybersecurity Assessment looks at your most important IT infrastructure, applications, data and procedures and, through risk, policy and device-level reviews, identifies areas that might need improvement or remediation. We take the result of this assessment and define a project plan to resolve any identified exposures. We will then outline ongoing managed IT services that will assure your business remains secure.

Your Cybersecurity Assessment consists of the following elements:

Security Risk Report: An executive-level report inclusive of a proprietary Security Risk Score along with summary charts, graphs and an explanation of the risks found in the security scans.

Security Policy Assessment Report: A detailed review of the security policies that are in place on both a domain wide and local machine basis.

Share Permission Report by Computer: Comprehensive lists of all network “shares” by computers detailing which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have.

Share Permission Report By User: Organizes permissions by user, showing all shared computers and files to which they have access.

Compliance Review: Consider industry and regulatory compliance requirements for your business. Evaluates potential risk, exposure and fines that could impact the livelihood of your business.

Cybersecurity Policy Reports: A comprehensive review of your written policies and procedures related to password policy, data breach response, mobile use policy and more to protect your business’ reputation and the integrity of your IT infrastructure and systems network.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has become business as usual for health care providers. Although the premise is simple—protect the privacy of individual data that is transmitted electronically – implementing and managing a workflow process that adheres to the Security Rule can be complicated. TeamLogic IT works with you to ensure your organization has the appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards in place to mitigate risk and avoid costly violations.

Your cybersecurity diagnosis.

HIPAA affects each impacted business or organization differently. In order to fully understand how to effectively and securely comply with the HIPAA Security Rule as it relates to your existing IT landscape, an assessment is highly recommended. TeamLogic IT will review your existing security controls, policies and procedures, technology processes and more to get a realistic picture of your operational landscape. With this information in hand, we can establish a cybersecurity framework and prioritize security risks, all without disruption to your current operations. The following is a sampling of what to expect in an assessment:

  • Identify asset management, governance practices, and risk management oversight
  • Protection of data security, information processes and maintenance
  • Detect irregularities and events
  • Explore recovery planning and policy remediation

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